Sunday, May 2, 2010

Double Feature

Mom, You are so lucky! You get a double feature this week! I had too many things to show you to put it all in one post, so you get two! First of all, look at these lovely wild flowers Rachel picked for me. If you look closely, you will see that the leaves on the plant are shaped like hearts! Kind of a love note from God, reminding us through His creation that He loves us. Hidden and waiting for us to find it, a little surprise message for us.

And a few pictures of Annesley, so you can see how she is growing and changing. Here is a picture with Elijah Grant holding her.

Here is one by herself. Isn't she pretty?

And these are the new chickies we got this week. Unfortunately, three of them haven't made it, which brought some tears, especially as one of them had been the "favorite" that they named Peeper. But you can see how cute they are! Hard not to become attached.

And no, I don't hold them. Still don't care much for touching animals. But I do enjoy watching them.

And here are a few pictures of the flower bed I put in around the bay window. They are blooming now - I have managed not to kill them!

And since it is so nice outside, I have really enjoyed opening the windows and having that wonderful aroma fill the house. I have daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths (which are the ones that smell best). It is nice to have that smell to cover over the smell of the manure the farmer keeps spreading in his field out back. =-(

Benn took the kids camping in the backyard on Friday night. It was such nice weather for it, but you can imagine Daddy really enjoyed sleeping in his bed the next night!

And, isn't this attractive?

Benn decided he had finally had enough of looking at this ugly thing and it was time to go. Yea for me!

So, he enlisted Josiah and Grey to help him. Look at my boys working hard together!

Grey helping with his strong muscles.

Wish I'd gotten a better picture of Josiah, but had to include a picture of him doing hard "man's work" with his daddy.

And . . .

It's outta here. . . (cheers, applause, clapping, yahooing)

We hung a picture over the hole from the chimney pipe, which we stuffed over first, to cover up the ugly hole until we replace that wall.

And, when we went upstairs to go to bed last night, this is what we found:

He was really sleeping there like this!

Isn't he cute? Just glad he didn't get hurt. Oh for the days when I could sleep just anywhere. . . Did those days ever exist for me?

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